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Cut your debts by 1/2 within 3 weeks 

It will take us three weeks to change your life forever.

We are Debt Negotiators that remove debt from your name and relieve stress from your life within three weeks. If you are struggling with debts give us three weeks with your creditors and we may save you thousands of dollars. How long will it take to pay off your credit card debt? 10 years? 20 years? We can do it in 3 weeks.

Credit Mediation Service Pty Ltd are specialist negotiators who assist families and businesses with small and large debts. Our mission is to negotiate with your creditors to reduce your debts and relieve you from the pressures from your creditors.

We Can Develop a Debt Rescue Plan to Help Debt Balance Get Paid Off Faster

Our success rate is second to none, we can reduce your $10,000 credit card debt to $4,000 within three weeks of negotiations. Our commitment to you is that our service is absolutely free of charge if we are not successful in saving you money. Debt relief in Australia has never been easier.

Debts we negotiate would be:

Reduce Debt By 1/2 In 3 Weeks!

  • Credit Cards
  • Tax Debts
  • Personal loans
  • Trade debts
  • Old secured debts
  • School debts

And more…  Visit our What we deliver page for more information about our debt negotiation process & seek debt relief.

Credit Mediation Service Pty Ltd is a community conscious organisation, 20% of all our business is donated to charity.

What is the Real Cost of your Debt?

You OweYears to PayYou Pay Back
$20,00040+ years$59,280
$30,00040+ years$88,919
$40,00040+ years$118, 559

Calculated on minimum monthly due of 2.5% at 20% annual rate.

Paying off a $30,000 Debt

Paying off a $30,000 debt


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Success Stories

“My accountant suggested to use Credit Mediation for debt mediation as you helped many of his clients in the past. I’m so glad i did, you managed to save me over $40,000.00 on my credit cards and all within weeks of calling you. Thanks so much for all your help, your debt negotiators did a sterling job”. Jasmine Delucus, Brisbane QLD.

“I can’t begin to tell you what an incredible impact your service has made on the future my financial management. I can now start again and work towards paying out my mortgage without the constant worry about skyrocketting credit card debit hanging over my head. Your company provides an amazing service to people in need.” Adele Shultz, Canberra ACT


“My wife was terminally ill and I had a large amount of debt. I had to look after my wife full time. It was hard as we were living off a small saving and my carers allowance. I was given CMS’s details but I was doubtful they could help. They got my $10,000 of debt totally forgiven by the banks in weeks. Not sure how but they did. Then they waived their fee for this service so it was free! You’d think people like that don’t exist anymore but, they do. Removing that stress from my life is beyond words of thanks. Now I can give all my focus to my wife and family. Laurence and Donna are true angels like you see in the movies.” William McArthur, Sydney NSW

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We can help with debt

Request a free debt assessment and take control of your debt today. Our debt mediators are qualified financial experts who will handle your case with sensitivity and respect. Also see our page on what we deliver for more information. We can help debt repayment be a non issue in your life and help debt balances reduce significantly. Debt relief in Australia has restricted options, either bankruptcy or hardship arrangements under the credit laws. Debt negotiations are designed for people who need help with debt yet want to avoid bankruptcy. Debt mediators build a debt rescue plan that is designed to reduce all of your debt within 3 weeks, this helps debt balance reduce from 10% of your total debt owed to as much as 100%. Debt mediation is the key to your debt relief and help debt repayment is only a click away. 

Contact Our Debt Mediators and Get Help in Debt Repayment and Relief Today.